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After playing "Hack and Slash" on a BBS sometime ago I felt the need to write my own version of that game. So I give you "Hack and Slay - stickman version" for the Amiga. :) It should run on almost any Amiga with a minimum resolution of 640*400 running AmigaOS 3.x.

Main features of the game:

  • Turn based
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • 4 playable characters classes.
    - Knight: Makes more damage.
    - Thief: Less risk of getting hit when attacked.
    - Wizard: Can cast spells.
    - Serf: Can give first aid.
  • Auto-map
  • 5 levels to explore
  • Very small. Less than 100 kB
  • Written in Blitz Basic

Minimum requirements:

  • 1 MB RAM
  • 640*400 resolution 
  • 68020 14MHz
  • AmigaOS 3.x
  • And an Amiga :) (real or emulated)



  • Added traps in random rooms on every level
  • Bugfixes


  • Added character class thief
  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Added character classes wizard and serf
  • Possible to cast spells
  • Bugfixes


  • Highlights your hitpoints/spellpower when they are low
  • Added skill levels (easy and normal)
  • Bugfixes


  • Initial release


hackandslay.lha 38 kB

Install instructions

Unpack the files to any location and run the application.

Development log


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You have not only be mentioned in BrewOtaku, but of course also on the Amiga-News website :)




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Greetings grindercowboy,

we hope you are doing great. I am Areeba (aka Titania) from the BrewOtaku-Team, we are launching BrewOtaku #002 - The Homebrew Gaming Magazine soon.

We loved your work and we have mentioned "Hack and Slay” in it. Kindly share your contact details so we can share it with you. You are anyhow free to share this on your social media channels or homepage.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards


Hi, thanks for the screenshot. 

If you do have some spare time, maybe you can add a clean screenshot of the gaming window only? :) Thanks.

Sure thing. Consider it done! :)

Thanks :) It's looking clear now and the focus is on the game, not on your desktop :)